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“Working as a substitute teacher with TeachersASAP has been nothing but a blessing. As a young and new teacher, the opportunity to gain experience in multiple schools and various grade levels has opened my eyes to other teaching styles and classrooms. It has been comforting to know that TeachersASAP allows us the flexibility to choose between part-time and full-time. As a full-time substitute teacher, I was placed in a school almost every day. I have taught in over ten charter and Montessori schools throughout the Twin Cities, creating connections with the teachers and staff at those schools. If you are looking for a substitute agency, TeachersASAP is a wonderful agency that truly cares for its teachers and wants them to succeed!”
Mikayla H., Teacher - TeachersASAP
“I am so glad that I got the opportunity to sub through Teachers ASAP! It was such good experience getting to work with so many students from different age groups, backgrounds, and types of schools. It pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to become a better teacher, as I had to think on the fly, be flexible, and adapt my style to meet unique learning and emotional needs. I got the opportunity to build relationships with staff and students at a few schools that I returned to frequently, and will never forget the lessons I learned from these scholars and teachers!”
Emily C., Teacher - TeachersASAP
“Teachers ASAP was an amazing organization to work for. They were extremely supportive in my long term ambitions, and seemed to have my best interests at heart. Their clients have amazing schools that makes working every day both adventurous and fun. They try their absolute best to get you assignments ahead of time. Often you will go to sleep at night knowing exactly where you will be working in the morning. They are flexible with scheduling and very supportive with professional development and employee wants/needs. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Teachers ASAP and their staff.”
Nick R., Paraprofessional - TeachersASAP
“I know TeachersASAP from the field and from the office, and what I can tell you is that you will not get a substitute teaching experience like it anywhere else. The staff genuinely care about your career goals and genuinely want to help you see them fulfilled. You may not get the fancy online scheduling tools, but what you get in return is a truly personalized substitute teaching experience–through counseling, site visits, and an open door policy, they help you find what is best for you.”
Andrea L., Licensed Teacher - TeachersASAP
“I have been a teacher for eleven years, and loved teaching in every way. However, my last position, which I loved the first three years I taught there, became an uncomfortable environment in my fourth year. There were many administrative changes and a greater than average turnover with teachers and admin. As a result, there was a lot of inconsistency and very little support. I was often cornered into teaching practices I felt were unethical. I felt like it had become a toxic and unhealthy place to work. I felt very trapped. I didn’t know where to go if I wanted or needed to leave mid-year. I was having such a hard time that I didn’t know if I wanted to jump into another commitment so soon after such a difficult year. I didn’t really understand how subbing agencies worked, and in truth, I didn’t know they existed. I understood subbing as a district hiring process. I was lucky enough to stumble onto TeachersASAP when looking for subbing positions for the 2017-2018 year after tending my resignation at the end of the 2016-2017 school year. I was blown away at their kindness, their helpfulness, and the flexibility. I have been able to work almost every school day and it has provided me with a livable income and a flexible schedule. It has been a saving grace for me. Had I known about Teachers ASAP last year, I would have probably left in the middle of the year instead of forcing myself to finish the year.”
Megan N., Teacher - TeachersASAP
“Working for TeachersASAP is a great experience for aspiring educators; their flexibility in scheduling allows for even the busiest of students to fit in paid experience in the field! The variety of schools and centers they serve provides you with unique experiences, as well as allowing you to meet and make connections with various institutions in the twin cities. Working with TeachersASAP has definitely aided me in my pursuit of a teaching career and introduced me to great schools and people !”
Yuki B., Teacher - TeachersASAP
“I gained some really good experiences while working with Teachers ASAP, and am thankful for that. When I started working as a substitute teacher, I wasn’t really sure what direction I wanted to move to in terms of my long-term goals. Because I was able to work in early childhood development, K-8, Special Education, and some after school programs, I think I’ve found some areas I’d like to pursue. I am thankful to have had some “teachable moments,” for the flexibility with scheduling to find good fits for me, and for Andrea and Julie, who were so helpful!”
Emily R., Teacher - TeachersASAP
“Thank you for all your help, and patience as I learned the role and the always changing requests. You have a great group of teachers and para’s that always did an amazing job when they were here.”
Maleah C., Client - TeachersASAP
I really enjoyed my time with Teachers ASAP.  I started working there in December of 2016.”  “One thing I really liked is they find your strength and try to send you on assignments that reflect that.  For example I am a care giver that works well as a paraprofessional.  After observing me those are the assignments they would send me on.
Jerri S., Teacher - TeachersASAP
“I found the staff and other teachers incredibly helpful and willing to be involved.” ” I think viewing days that are challenging as opportunities for learning is essential for growth and reflection as a teacher, and I am grateful I have an outlet to voice my reflections and get feedback through the mentorship at TeachersASAP.”
Sophia M., New Teacher - TeachersASAP
“I’m glad Julie has been able to contact me the night before, usually, with an assignment for the next day rather than having to call in early in the morning the day of. … I appreciate how you guys work outside of normal office hours to help match us with placements!”
Amanda H., Teacher - TeachersASAP
“Thank you to teachers ASAP for everything you have done for me! I gained valuable experience in so many schools that I wouldn’t have been able to have otherwise, and I feel so much more prepared overall going into the education field. As a student, being able to set my own schedule was awesome, and the flexibility allowed me to have so many meaningful opportunities while I was completing my licensure. “
Sarah H., Teacher - TeachersASAP
“Before I began working for TeachersASAP I had heard a variety of of things about substitute teaching agencies, with many of those things I heard being less than positive. As I began working with Julie and Andrea at TeachersASAP however, I experienced none of those negative situations. They were always professional and friendly and would go out of their way to accommodate my goals and preferences as best they could. In particular they made the process of being hired by a school full-time, which was my ultimate goal, simple and painless. I would recommend that any educational professional interested in the substitute teaching, either as a career or as a transitory job, start with TeachersASAP.”
Jacob H., Teacher - TeachersASAP
“I just want to commend you guys on all the subs you send out to us. They have all been so great! It’s such a difference than any place else.”
Beth., Charter School - TeachersASAP Client
“TeachersASAP hired me shortly after college and allowed me to get in my foot in the door with the teaching profession. Not only did I gain connections with schools, but the experience I gained while working for them was priceless. All that I have taken away from them will be used one year down the road and even ten years down the road. They were always flexible with my schedule and worked hard to fit my needs when it came to possible jobs. Julie and Andrea are a great representation of the company and were extremely dependable during my time with them. I would highly recommend any beginner or experienced teacher to consider working for TeachersASAP. I cannot thank them enough for what they have done for me as a professional.”
Hunter A., TeachersASAP Teacher
“Thank YOU for providing us quality teachers in an honest and efficient manner… We so appreciate it!”
Mel H., TeachersASAP Client
“I would like to thank you for the opportunity to work for your agency. I found the experience to be very beneficial for gaining experience in the educational field. By getting to work with multiple different age groups in a variety of classroom settings, I was able to discern what age and subjects I most enjoyed working with. Furthermore, through your agency I was able to find a full time position at one of the nations best charter schools, Nova Classical Academy!  Thanks again Teachers ASAP!”
Anders S., Teacher - TeachersASAP
“I think that I got very lucky when I was hired on as a paraprofessional for my first time. I was assigned to a school and eventually became a long term sub for a 3rd grade classroom. Julie was very helpful and understanding when I needed to take days off and I had great communication with her. I love the flexibility because I am currently going to school for education and working toward my teaching license and I have been very grateful to be added on to a great team at a charter school following my journey through teachers ASAP. Thank you so much for introducing me to many of the great connections that I have built along the way.”
Colleen D., Paraprofessional - TeachersASAP
“The Teachers ASAP job coordinators were great at giving me plenty of opportunities to work in elementary schools and with children with special needs. On days when my preferred positions at elementary schools were not available, I was able to work in daycares and preschools, which ensured me enough paid hours in my weekly paycheck. After subbing long term at an elementary school, I was hired on as a full time employee. I am very thankful to Teachers ASAP, as I really enjoy my current job. Working for Teachers ASAP was a wonderful learning experience, and I am happy to recommend them to anyone who is considering a field in education or child development.”
Paula Y., Teacher - TeachersASAP
“Simply put, Teachers ASAP help me gain experience in the classroom fresh out of college. They got me into good classrooms in great schools and in my year plus with the company I have really grown as a educator. Not only that, the doors they helped open into so many schools and classrooms paid off: A full-time, permanent, position! Plus, extremely flexible scheduling really helps for those of us who don’t work or don’t need to work at a full time pace. I know first hand how difficult it is to get your name out there as a new educator, and Teachers ASAP and their team did a wonderful job putting me in a position to succeed as both an educator and as a professional. I HIGHLY recommend Teachers ASAP to any teacher looking to find quality classroom experience in quality schools, all the while being able to set their own schedule!”
Cole B., Teacher - TeachersASAP
“I immediately felt welcome upon completing orientation into the Teachers ASAP company. Though not always in person, I had regular contact with Julie and others in the Teachers ASAP office, which provided me the support that I needed to go out into a new school each week or sometimes each day.  Working for Teachers ASAP granted me a spectrum of opportunities that allowed me to experience and to better understand where I wanted my educational career to head. I got to work with day-cares with three-year-olds, in a high-school with eighteen-year-olds and just about every age group in-between.  Teachers ASAP reaffirmed my belief that prospective teachers and education professionals alike should have paraprofessional, or substitute experience under their belt to become the best educators that they can be.  In November of 2015 I took a position as a Special Education Paraprofessional at one of the schools that I had been assigned to by Teachers ASAP.  Both for college students and people looking for a career change, Teachers ASAP is a wonderful stepping stone for anyone who is interested in testing the waters out in the ocean that is education in Minnesota.”
Adam W.., Teacher - TeachersASAP
“Teachers ASAP was a great outlet for me to get back into the classroom and be placed in numerous schools throughout the Twin Cities. Through this exposure I was able to observe and learn from the many classrooms I visited. I was fortunate to receive a job offer at one of the schools I was a long-term sub for. I am very thankful for Teachers ASAP and their very helpful staff in my journey to finding a full-time teaching position!”
Beth D., Teacher - TeachersASAP
“I cannot say enough good things about working with the staff at TeachersASAP. The staff is extremely personable and prompt–within one week of submitting my application, I met with Julie twice and completed all of my paperwork. I’ve never experienced such a great communication and consideration from an employer! I highly recommend TeachersASAP to anyone who is looking to gain experience in the world of education.”
Emily B., Teachers - TeachersASAP
“Our schools have been partnering with Teachers ASAP for four months now and I have been very pleased with their customer service, them standing behind their word and their prices. I very much appreciated Jamie taking the time to come to our school and hear what we are all about and the kind of teachers we are looking for. We now have had the pleasure of hiring three of their teachers to join our schools. I have been very impressed with Julie’s ability to get back to my e-mails within an hour and answer every single one of my questions (and I have sent her a lot of e-mails). Since day one, they have always checked with us on who they send to our schools since we tend to be picky and we appreciate that more than words! I would highly recommend Teachers ASAP to any daycare, school or private school who needs good qualified substitute teachers who are screened and trained well. I would without a doubt give Teachers ASAP 5 stars out of 5!”
Tara A., Client - Director of Schools
“Working for Teachers ASAP was the best decision I ever made. With no other company have I ever felt so supported, appreciated, and valued as an employee and as an individual. They have allotted me unparalleled flexibility, and the opportunity to explore the educational field. I began teaching with the goal of teaching secondary Social Studies in a public school setting, but have now been exposed to Montessori, early childhood, International Baccalaureate, special education, language submersion, online hybrid schools, and more. Working for Teachers ASAP has given me a chance to explore my horizons and interests, while enhancing by classroom management skills. I highly encourage anyone in the educational field to work with this amazing company, you will gain valuable experience and broaden your horizons in the process! Thank you Teachers ASAP for everything you do!”
Sam A., Teacher - TeachersASAP
“My experience with TeachersASAP was a positive learning experience for me. The staff works hard to place teachers in schools in which both that teacher and the students can be successful. Because they work with a variety of schools, substitutes are guaranteed to get a wide range of valuable experiences. Working with TeachersASAP takes all the hassle out of being a substitute teacher. They communicate with the schools and with the teachers to make sure that everyone is informed and prepared. I would definitely recommend TeachersASAP to anyone interested in gaining meaningful experiences through substitute teaching in a wide range of schools.”
Sara R., Teacher - TeachersASAP
“TeachersASAP is a breath of fresh air as a company in what can be a very difficult and complex job of finding placements for substitute teachers. TeachersASAP’s staff is friendly, accessible, communicative and professional. They work hard to make it easy to be a substitute teacher. Jamie, Julie and Chris are fantastic to work for – committed to making a good company even better. They were very welcoming when I started. I feel that they genuinely respect and value my worth as a teacher and try to find the placements that use my skills, areas of expertise and interests. To have that respect and genuine interest in my wellbeing, finding a placement that best suits the client and myself, is wonderful. I have been an educator for over 34 years and am proud to be associated with TeachersASAP.”
Kari G.., Teacher - TeachersASAP
“Teacher’s ASAP has a very supportive staff that communicated expectations and assignments clearly each morning. I was always prepared when walking into a new school, each morning I was provided with my shift hours and the person to whom I was to report to at each school in order to receive instructions for the day. During my time as an employee I enjoyed each and every school I was sent to, they have aligned themselves with quality schools that are welcoming and open to substitutes. I thoroughly enjoyed the staff at Teacher’s ASAP and the schools to which they sent me on assignments. I would recommend this company to anyone that has an interest in substitute teaching.”
Alex M., Teacher - TeachersASAP
“Right from the start, Teachersasap impressed us with their efficient, professional manner – an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for. We needed an effective solution to filling our staffing needs, which at times, are on the spur of the moment.     By partnering with Teachersasap, we have consistently been provided with outstanding, professional substitute teachers. Because of the excellent service Teachersasap provides to our School’s, the administration team feels this will be a long standing relationship based on their helpful, knowledgeable and friendly staff. This confirms to us, that we’ve partnered with true leaders in the staffing industry.”
Patti K., Human Resource Generalist
We were delighted when we discovered TeachersASAP as a possible solution to our staffing needs. Having worked with several of their staff members in the past, we knew we could count on them for dependable, quality service. TeachersASAP not only met but surpassed those expectations. Through onsite tours and meetings, they’ve come to understand our needs and schedule assignments with those needs in mind. Teachers and Paraprofessionals sent to us have all been professional, personable, knowledgeable, and wonderful examples of excellence in the field of education. It’s comforting to know that in the coming year, we have access to such a valuable resource. We expected the best and that’s exactly what TeachersASAP has delivered!
Jan A., HR Coordinator - Charter School
“Thank you for the opportunity, I truly appreciate it. Teachers ASAP is an exemplary example of substitute teaching! (Y)our company is the perfect solution for a teacher who is still looking to make a difference in the education field but who may or may not be struggling to find the right fit.”
Connor, Prospective Teacher
TeachersASAP is an outstanding program to work for! I have enjoyed having the opportunity to teach in a variety of settings at various schools. TeachersASAP has a supportive and professional staff that effectively and clearly communicate teaching assignments on a daily basis. I would recommend TeachersASAP to anybody who is looking to gain experience in the education field through substitute teaching!
Ben D., TeachersASAP - Teacher
“I enjoy teaching in a variety of schools and seeing excellence in the ways younger teachers organize their classrooms & classes. The students know routines & rules and are happy to “instruct me”. After 15+ years of full-time teaching, I am grateful to be a “guest teacher”, supporting today’s students, teachers & schools.”
Franny , TeachersASAP Teacher
“My time with TeachersASAP was fairly short but I couldn’t be more thankful that I was able to work with this agency. Orientation was straight to the point and all the required documents needed from you was explained thoroughly. (TeachersASAP) was exceptional when it came with communicating. I never went a week without getting a call to sub at a school within my perimeter. Thanks TeachersASAP for everything.”
Nana B., TeachersASAP - Para
Here is what our own teachers are saying about our TeachersASAP staff – “I would like to nominate (if that is possible) Ben (D.)for April’s employee of the month. The work he does at is unbelievable! The time and commitment he has put in at such a tough school amazes me daily. Currently, he has one of the toughest classes in the school, but he never gives up, and looks at each day as a new/fresh start. There are not many educators who could approach each day with the attitude he has, considering the behavior he has to deal with. His patience, dedication, and empathy amazes me every single day. Finally, he is an absolute pleasure to work with. We have been able to collaborate with one another to try to motivate his students to show more respect and self control.”
Nate R.., TeachersASAP - Teacher
“I was hired by TeachersASAP in December, 2014. Right off the bat, TeachersASAP placed me in schools, provided me with opportunities to get my foot in the door, and gain professional educational experience. The company is very flexible in terms of employee preferences. Their staff works hard to accommodate employee needs by by matching them with schools based on his or her studied content area, location preference, availability, and overall fit with the school/district. Entering and keeping track of hours worked is a simple process through the TeachersASAP website. Staff is readily accessible for communication if there are ever any questions or concerns. For any inquiry, the staff responds with prompt and friendly answers. Being a part of TeachersASAP was a positive experience; every school I visited revered the agency for its reliability, knowledgeable staff, and friendliness.”
Catherine A.., TeachersASAP - Teacher