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What if I don’t have my teaching license?2020-03-10T21:45:57+00:00

Requirements will vary depending on the center or school district.   If you have a specific instruction in mind, please contact our offices for additional information and we will determine what can be accommodated with the work experience you possess.    A conversation is always a good thing to have.

Are there a minimum number of hours that a TeachersASAP sub is required to work?2020-03-10T21:43:39+00:00

When you apply with TeachersASAP, you have the flexibility to set your preferred days and times to work.   The more flexibility you have, the more we can maximize your working hours.   You can schedule days off and vacation times as needed.

Can I set my own hours with TeacherASAP?2020-03-10T21:42:04+00:00

Yes !  Simply tell us.   Upon acceptance as a TeachersASAP employee, you will have the opportunity to determine what hours you would like to work during the orientation process.  It is our goal to be a flexible as you need us to be.   If your needs change and would like to increase or reduce your hours, you simply just need to let us know.   We will accommodate that change request immediately.

Are there any fees required to become a TeachersASAP substitute?2020-03-10T21:39:28+00:00

No.   During your orientation with TeachersASAP, we cover all cost associated with screening including the cost of your background check (upon 30 days of employment with TeachersASAP.)

If I am chosen to be a TeachersASAP employee, how do I get paid?2020-03-10T21:36:36+00:00

TeachersASAP will gather and verify and validate your work assignments daily via your staff portal.   TeachersASAP pays weekly and checks will be deposited directly into your banking institution, or check deliverable by mail, for the prior week’s assignments executed.

What teaching assignments do you have?2020-03-10T21:33:59+00:00

TeachersASAP fill a variety of assignments centered around the specific needs of our clients and teacher’s goals.   We fill short term, long term, day to day immediate needs, with an option for direct hire positions.   Our goal is to customize our solutions to fit your needs.   Please contact your talent coordinator for what you may be looking.

How do I get a teaching assignment with TeachersASAP-2020-03-10T21:31:19+00:00

Simple.   As an employee of TeachersASAP, you can:

  • Check the TeachersASAP website for any assignment postings.
  • Call TeachersASAP for any assignments – check in during your work day
  • A TeachersASAP administrator will call you for any assignments that have come in from our clients, for the upcoming days/week.


Do i always have to accept a teaching assignment that is offered?2020-03-10T21:28:18+00:00

Our goal is to maximize the house that you indicate you are available for work and TeachersASAP will expect that you will work on the days indicated during your orientation process.   If you cannot accept the assignment for whatever reason, we understand that flexibility is appreciated and you will not be adversely affected as a result.   Communication is key and of utmost importance, so no conversation is ever unnecessary or trivial.   If you do accept a sub assignment upon offer, the client and TeachersASAP will expect that you follow through with your commitment.   If you are unable to follow through due to extenuating circumstances, the soonest notification to your manager of that determination is most appreciated and expected.

If I choose to work with TeachersASAP, do I have to exclusively work with you?2020-03-10T21:22:51+00:00

No.   While it is our goal to maximize the house that you determine when you first become an employee of TeachersASAP and attend your orientation process, you are free t substitute for other districts, schools or centers.   We would prefer that your hours are identified as workable hours be prioritized with TeachersASAP.

I don’t have or I need to renew my CPT Training. What should I do?2020-03-10T21:19:46+00:00

You will need to compete your CPR training within 30 days of being offered employment with TeachersASAP.   Some assignments may not be granted until that training is completed, per the requirement of our clients.   You can take your CPR training with any American Heart Association approved program.   If you are not aware of a program, please find a recommended one HERE

Why would I want to even be a substitute teacher?2020-03-10T21:16:12+00:00

For a variety of reason, substitute teaching is an excellent way to build your experience and confidence in many different school settings and teaching styles.   Substitute teaching allow you to evaluate schools that may be of interest to you if you are looking for a full time position.   By substitute teaching with one of our clients, it give you exposure to the school’s administration and they have a unique opportunity evaluate you real time, in a classroom setting.   If a permanent job opportunity arises with that school, they now have a fist hand knowledge of your capabilities  and this sets you apart from other candidate that may be applying of the same position.    It a great way to distinguish yourself from your competition.

I really want a full time job. How does substitute teaching help with that?2020-03-10T21:11:54+00:00

You can get full time hours with TeachersASAP.   While some assignments may be daily, we have a lot of clients who need long term needs filled throughout the year.   You are a TeachersASAP employee, working with multiple clients, and we try to help build a sense of community with our teachers as a TeachersASAP Employee.   We also know, that you may have your very own classroom as your full time career.   We can help you with that goal as well.   We can look out for permanent positions with our clients and help position you for those openings as they arise.   You possible having worked at that client, have an inside knowledge of the school and opportunity, giving you a leg up on your competition.    Our belief is – if your goal is a permanent position at an educational institution, we promote you working with TeachersASAP as a stepping stone on your career path, and help you achieve that long term success.

Are there any contracts with TeachersASAP2020-03-10T21:04:10+00:00

No, there are no contracts when you work with TeachersASAP.   We do provide a Service Level Agreement that defines duties and responsibilities of each other when we are engaged in providing you services.   Our goal is for our clients and teachers to have all of their respective information provide up front, in one place, leaving no surprise conversations about their relationship and responsibilities with TeachersASAP.

Where are you located?2020-03-10T21:01:10+00:00

We are located in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area in Maple Grove, MN.  Our address is 11670 Fountains Dr., Suite 200, Maple Grove, MN 55369.  Our offices are staffed from 6:00AM-5:00PM M-F during the school year to assist with your needs

Are there any benefits provided by TeachersASAP?2020-03-10T20:58:45+00:00

Yes.  TeachersASAP offers weekly pay, pay review/raises with length of service, bonuses, referral bonuses and paid holidays (where applicable and dependent on hours worked.)  We offer insurance stipend benefits to those that meet the required qualifications.

With which school districts does TeachersASAP work?2020-03-10T21:05:08+00:00

Our business is alway growing and changing.   We service educational institutions primarily in the 7 County Metro Area.   Please refer to our Resources Page for specific institutions in which we have a relationship.

How do I request a substitute with TeachersASAP?2020-03-10T20:53:41+00:00

You may at an time call (952-887-ASAP) or email TeachersASAP (Request@TeachersASAP.com,) or place a request via a client portal.   We are in the office from 6:00AM to 5:00PM M-F to assist you with your needs, live and real time.   If you need to reach us after hours, you can call or email, leave a message describing your need and we will try to respond to your request immediately.   Please make sure that you leave your institution name, the date, your contact information and what you are looking for – qualifications, hours, etc.

Do you offer long term substitute placement?2020-03-10T20:49:18+00:00

Yes.  We have a variety of placement length terms and long term substitution placement needs are welcomed.   If you need a substitute for a long engagement, please let us know exactly what is required.  We pride ourselves on knowing ghat skill sets of our talent and will work to place the correct person for your educational institution.

What if I want to keep your sub full time?2020-03-10T20:46:49+00:00

Whether you want our substitute talent for long term assignments or future permanent placement, we are happy to know that our substitutes have earned that consideration.   TeachersASAP will work with your institution per the terms of your Service Level Agreement to ensure that we make their transition to full time placement as smooth as possible

If i contract with TeachersASAP, is my facility required to use TeachersASAP exclusively?2020-03-10T20:43:46+00:00

No.   Once you are a client of TeachesASAP and establish an account, you are free to use our services as you see best.  While we have service standards, it is an at-will use.   If you have other methods of finding substitutes, you are able to continue to use those avenues.   It is our goal to earn your business and will strive to be your best source for substitute placement.

Do i have to give you the substitute teachers that are already a part of my pool?2020-03-10T20:40:16+00:00

Absolutely not, but you have that option if it makes sense for your school and process.   While it may be beneficial for your school to transfer employment responsibility to TeachersASAP for your current substitute teachers – having us be responsible for all W2, Income Tax, Unemployment Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance, Workers Comp Insurance – it is not mandatory that you shift your labor force to TeachersASAP.  Upon closer examination, you may find that this option may work to streamline your substitute activity and we would be more than happy to discuss how to make a transition of this kind as smooth as possible.

I really want a full time job. How does guest teaching help with that?2020-02-06T19:24:03+00:00

You can get full time hours with TeachersASAP.   While some assignments may be daily, we have a lot of clients who need long term needs filled.   You are a TeachersASAP employee, working with multiple clients, and we try to help build a sense of community with our teachers as a TeachersASAP Employee.   We also know, that you may want your very own classroom as your full time career, and we can help you with that goal as well.    We can look out for permanent positions with our clients and help position you for those openings with our TeachersASAP relationship as they arise.   Our belief is that if that is your goal, we would like to be a stepping stone on your career path, and help you achieve that success.

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