Job Description – This teacher will work as a substitute thru TeachersASAP. This teacher must hold a valid MN Teaching License.  Positions will begin at the start of the 2019/20 School Year.

At TeachersASAP, we strive to elevate the expectation of what a substitute teaching solution can be by creating an environment of understanding and nurturing of our teacher’s goals through thoughtful consideration for our school’s visionary culture and specific assignments.

As a TeachersASAP teacher, you are one of our valued staff and we highlight your talents and experiences that you bring to an assignment in the classroom. TeachersASAP provides you an opportunity to explore the world of teaching and help you identify the type of teacher and teaching environment that best suits you. We want our clients to see what you personally have to offer in a classroom. Even though you are on the front line, you are never alone, as you are representing what TeachersASAP stands for in the educational environment – integrity, professionalism, experience, trust and concern for the well-being of children in our community.

We operate on a mentorship mindset. We know that feedback, guidance, and mentoring is invaluable to you as a teacher. Our business is modeled around making sure TeachersASAP teachers are the highest quality in the Twin Cities. With our help, not only do we help you find the right educational setting, we also provide you with the right resources to make you the perfect candidate. And that’s what makes us different.

As a guest teacher with TeachersASAP, you will have the ability to work with any of the schools with whom we partner. You will have access to many teaching environments in which to showcase your talents and abilities. As you begin to explore these schools, your skills and experiences will grow.

We will continue to work with you, honing your skills, assuring that the teaching assignments you fulfill continue to be the best fit for your career goals.

Who We Are Hiring:

• Licensed teachers with a current or processing MDE license- in any area of licensure or short call substitute license

We are looking for teachers who:

• Have experience working with students ages 6-12
• Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Likes flexibility and can easily adapt to a changing work environment
• Are responsible and accountable
• Supportive of children in their learning environment
• Demonstrates the ability to be a self-starter
• Is open to constructive criticism and feedback
• Exhibits a professional appearance
• Is eager to gain teaching experience

To apply, send resumes to

Company Description:

TeachersASAP is a teaching staffing agency that offers part-time and full-time teaching positions available in a wide range of school environments. You will gain meaningful experience and exposure in a variety of classroom settings. TeachersASAP leads the way in offering comprehensive, professional teaching solutions for all types of educational and learning institutions throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.