Educational Assistants & Paraprofessionals

Educational Assistant (EAs) and Paraprofessional requirements will vary depending on the client and assignment.

Some assignments may, but not necessarily include, a minimum requirement of two years of college education, certification, or AA/ASdegree.   Please call with any questions you might have and start a dialogue to see if your past work experiences would qualify you for any of our assignments.

Paraprofessionals and Educational Assistants (EA) will assist K-8 students under the direction of a licensed teacher.   This service may be required as a one-on-one, small group, or classroom basis.   Para’s/EA’s responsibilities may change depending on the assignment.  You may work under and directly with the classroom teacher helping to assist students with school work and lesson plans.   You may work one-on-one with a student provide direct support throughout the day.   You may work with small a small group of students providing academic support with specific subjects.   Along with these tasks, as a Para/EA, you may also be required to help with lunchroom and recess monitoring, as well as other tasks determined by the school with which you are assigned.

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